Time To Teach is based on

  1. Times have changed.
  2. Teachers are doing an incredible job.
  3. “Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -- Dr. Madeline Hunter
  4. Good discipline is a matter of good timing. 
  5. Conflict is an essential part of growing up.
  6. Parenting affects behavior.
  7. We cannot use poor parenting as an excuse for not teaching.
  8. Problem behavior can entrap us.
  9. Curriculum comes first, but discipline does, too!
  10. Self-esteem matters.
  11. Students do not necessarily know how to behave.
  12. Classroom rules and routines need to be systematically taught.
  13. Teaching succeeds where punishment fails.
  14. We need an effective consequence for low-level misbehavior.
  15. An effective discipline program teaches responsible behavior.
  16. We can make a difference to every child.

Time To Teach is a consistent classroom management system that recovers precious  instructional time and improves a school’s climate.

Time To Teach is an evidence based, highly successful set of classroom management strategies that tens of thousands of teachers are using and have been using for over four decades.   Part of the development of our strategies began with the help and guidance or Dr. Madeline Hunter, professor of education at UCLA and with John Wooden, the famed basketball coach and American icon, also from UCLA.

We have a motto here at Time To Teach that we strive diligently to adhere to every day:  “In God we trust, all others bring your data.”  Our research and data spans back six decades.  We have learned well all strategies proven to help children and teachers, which are verifiable and replicable and which are supported by all current and eminent researchers like Robert Marzano, and we have jettisoned all those ideas which do not work.

If you are using another one of the fine classroom management programs available today, Time to Teach will augment that program.  If you have adopted a reading, math, writing, or other content area program we will help your teachers to deliver that fine curriculum like never before.  No matter what program or philosophy you have adopted or bought , Time to Teach strategies will amplify the good in that program and erase any negatives that may be interfering with your teachers ability to teach or deliver the curriculum.

The impact of Time to Teach training stretches further and deeper than behavior in the classroom.  Take a look at some of our school success data, below.  In addition to an improvement in student behavior following our training, schools also report (1) a rise in teacher job satisfaction, (2) a rise in student scores, (3) a major decrease in referrals, (4) a decrease in dropout rates and suspensions, (5) an improvement in the feeling tone in classrooms and throughout the building, and (6) that our strategies have allowed them to finally achieve the systemic cultural change they had been seeking for so long.

Our goal is not to “replace” school discipline systems currently in place – although this occurs weekly in schools across America.   You may adopt our entire set of strategies to deliver positive systemic cultural change or you may use bits and pieces to augment your current program.  Indeed, nearly all of our competitors have trainers who also train for us and the one thing we hear from these trainers is “Time To Teach fills in all the holes.”

We make others better.  We can help if you have invested time and money in a program that is sputtering.  We can help it to soar as you once believed it could.  Or, if you desire to use our strategies alone as total replacement for whatever you have now – if that is your wish – we are the best option available anywhere, in the world.