15 point gain in math and science standardized test scores! 
“I have seen a 15 point gain in math and science scores on the state standardized test, which helped our school meet its AYP/API, and I have not sent a single student to the office all year. Time To Teach – Classroom Management Training has helped me successfully teach second language learners, children with ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, learning disabilities, disenfranchised youth, and impoverished students.” 
-- James Turner, Middle School Teacher, Lompoc, California

Beck Academy reduces discipline referrals campus-wide 82%.
“Time To Teach – Classroom Management Training provides a discipline system that sets predetermined boundaries with a positive approach. Students are accountable for their actions. It is built on a mutual respect for the teacher and student that ensures that teachers can teach and students can learn. It creates a positive classroom environment.”
-- Dr. Brodie Bricker, Principal – Beck Academy 

Only Two Discipline Referrals in Six Weeks!
“During my first two years as principal of Clark Street Elementary School, we experienced over 300 office referrals and over 150 out-of-school suspensions! This year we implemented Time To Teach – Classroom Management strategies and so far we have only had two office referrals in six weeks!”
John Hargrove, Principal, Clark Street Elementary, North Carolina

Decrease in Suspensions and Increase in Test Scores!
“Lawton Public Schools is a lower socioeconomic school district in Oklahoma that services 17,000 Pre-K through 12th grade students; over half of which are minority. Twenty-nine of our thirty-five schools were trained using the Time To Teach strategies, affecting more than 11,000 children. Following training, we experienced a 16% decrease in suspensions and office referrals, and a dramatic decrease in pupil enrollment for Behavior Intervention and Behavior Disorder classes. We have also seen a 9% increase in test scores and none of our schools are on the school improvement list for No Child Left Behind.”
-- Billy Davis, Executive Director Elementary Education, Lawton Public Schools, Oklahoma

30% Decrease EVERY Year.
“The number of student referrals in our middle school has dropped 30% on average, every year over the past three years. It is because of Time to Teach that I can say with pride, “Every day I teach!”
-- Keith Johnson, Teacher/Technology Director, Reading Community Schools, Michigan

Referrals Reduced by 62%!
“At Lompoc Valley Middle School, the referral numbers for class disruption were reduced by 62% using Time to Teach strategies, and Lompoc High School’s referral numbers were lower than those of the rival high school for the first time ever.”
-- Carrie Chase, High School Counselor, Lahainaluna High School, Hawaii

In-House Suspensions Cut in Half Positive, Systemic Cultural Change 
“Pioneer Continuation High School has our district’s highest number of at-risk 11th and 12th grade students. Using the Time to Teach blueprint, we saw school suspensions drop from 39% to 18% over a three year period, in-house suspensions cut in half, and significant increases in passing rates on the California High School Exit Exam and other student achievement measures. Overall, the school has experienced a positive, systemic cultural change.”
Elisabeth Prigmore, Principal, Pioneer Continuation High School, California