By virtue of the physical structure of our educational institutions and the habits they have kept in place for so long, we have become a profession of loners. This is truly a shame since so many teachers are creating magic in their classrooms, yet other teachers struggle with the very same lessons and populations. Through the use of our matrix, we demonstrate how the individual teacher can share their best efforts and successes with others, as well as entire schools sharing best practices across the grades and subjects they teach. By encouraging each other to share, we will prevent others from reinventing the wheel or suffer through ineffective methods already tried by others. This guided strategy is both powerful and useful as we learn to share successes and celebrate the great learning going on in our classrooms. We are great at helping you to share your best practices.

We can all learn from one another & succeed together.


  • Sometimes the only thing students in a classroom have in common is their age! Students come into our classrooms and schools with different backgrounds and cultures. Their cognitive abilities, assets and experiences are just as wide ranging.
  • When one lesson resonates with one student but not with another, we owe it to students to offer the learning in many different approaches to help them receive it in their strengths and abilities.
  • Fair does not always mean equal – sometimes we need to go an extra step for a student.  In order to be fair to all students we must differentiate their learning and our instruction.